stil walking… BUT emotional side of things has been tough, someone did and said some false things about me and I got in an argument with a SO called friend. This has not set me back as of yet but it sure has challanged me mentally with all that I’ve already been through and I’m not sure how to handle people lately and they way they treat me. Any ideas? My legs continue to be source of problems for me, not sure if this will ever go away. Anyone else have leg problems? Also I read on Web MD that when CCM’s in conjunction with a DVA (which is my case ) makes it hard to intervene surgically. Of course my CCM is gone but have a large DVA and have a hard time believing it’s nothing and will not cause problems or isn’t causing my ongoing problems. There are some new investigations going on about this as to wether or not the DVA causes the CCM and how it could change things. Any thoughts on all of this?