Had my first appointment with my neurosurgeon today, didn’t get much info other than the size which he said was about 5 cm. this doctor decided to send me to a endovascular neurosurgeon because he doesn’t want to touch it. Now I have an appointment tomorrow, June 7th with an optomologist, Wednesday for an echo, and Thursday with the endovascular neurosurgeon.

Great to have all your appt's so quick. Sometimes the waiting is the hardest part. Make sure you or your parents ask this next surgeon how much experience he has with AVM's. It's important to know.

Good luck and try to stay strong. My son was diagnosed at 17 and I know it is a hard age to have to deal with something so serious.

My daughter had three MRI’s and an angiogram last week Thursday and Friday. We meet with the neurosurgeon again on Wednesday. Waiting for the results and to get some kind of idea what the next steps are is really difficult. We were first told hers was 7 cm, but the doctor doing the angiogram said it was larger than that. She is 18. I’ll be watching for your news and praying for good results for us and for all of you out there.

It may seem scary, but it all sounds like they are giving you priority treatment. Sometimes we have to sit back, and try to process all that information coming in. Have faith in the knowledge that YOU will make the right decisions, when the time comes.

Its great that you come from such a loving caring family too.

Stay positive, Tone