Hi Everyone hope all are doing well and sending my best to all of you. Well every six weeks seems to go by so fast and another procedure down. You would think I would be use to this after 10 procedures. lol Well anyway to date 7 embolizations done, 2 radiations and just had the stent placement for one of the aneurysms. Next will be placement of the coils in six weeks. I am a little nervous having to be on plavix and aspirin now with the AVM but the doctor said fixing the aneurysm out ways the risk of taking the meds. I am not sure if more embos are down the line (I believe he feels at least one or two more) before the radiation starts. I wanted to be released after the surgery so I could go to the hockey game while in philly but they would not go for it. lol

Keeping positive and looking forward to the warm weather so I can get out of this house! :-)

Lee Ann stay positive and the worst has passed. Your procedures must be tiring but you seem like a strong person and you should be proud of yourself for not giving up and striving forward to get better. good luck with the procedures and keep us posted on your health.


Hello Lee Ann, darn they won’t let you go to the game!! You are an amazing woman my friend; all this going on and you are so positive! My thoughts, love and prayers are with you daily and I just know that you will come out of the next one smiling. Luv, Lesley.

Hi Lee Ann,

7 embos, 2 radiations, a stent placement w/coil placement on the 'horizon,' all the while the hockey team plays on ;) - you are a brave, strong, inspiring woman!!!

Keep up the positive attitude! :)

Take care,


Thank you so much everyone it is my friends here as well as my family that keeps me strong and positive. I received the call today for the surgery to place the coils in the aneurysm it will be done on March 23rd. If there is a hockey game that night I am going to make them take me. lol Everyone here are such wonderful, caring people and I am so glad I found this site. Know how special all of you are! :slight_smile: