so I went to my apt yeaterday only to find out that the neurosurgeon couldnt help me i am now being referred to a throat and head surgeon hope i get in soon. Does anyone else have syptoms like migranes , blurred visoins and confussion?

I see these symptoms a lot on here. I am surprised they did not at least recommend a neurologist since the neurosurgeon is out of the pic. Hope the pregnancy is going well!!!

Hi London. I get migrains a few times a week and only mild confusion at times. My vision isn’t effected though. Did the surgeon you saw specialise in avms?

Hello my pregnancy is going well. They sent me to a specialist that deals with brain avms. my avms ( i have two) take up half of the back of my head on the left side. The doctor said that the avms are taking blood flow from the brain causeing my syptoms. Then I woke up this moring with a nose bleed??? I have migranes often, mild confussin and see spots from time to time. the weirdest thing is that the area around my avms swell and i start vomitting if im on my feet tooo much has anyone heard of this.

Hi London. Take a look at this link...


They mention a correlation between nosebleeds and AVMs. I found an old forum topic which you might find interesting...


Still praying for you and your baby!

Thanks Barbara this website helped to figure out a little more.