I went to my neurosurgeon today (for the first time). He wants to do an angiogram (hopefully soon) so they can find the best treatment. He does say as of right now it looks like it can be taken care of (which is a relief) but the angiogram will tell the details. I just want answers soon. Hopefully next time I will update it will be about treatments.

great to hear happy for you i got the angio too done not bad the gauze irritated y skin but no pain good luck hope to hear about treatment real soon

Awesome news Alyssa! Good luck! Waiting for answers is alway a trial. You sit and think of everything over and over. Keep us updated. Prayer and good vibes to you and your good news.

Great news Alyssa, hopefully your treatment will be even better news! Can’t wait to hear. Good luck and I’ll be praying for you a great outcome.
Take Care,