I’ve had lots of pain since new year and noticed that it’s progressed to the extent it’s affecting my fingers an awful lot more - I have been getting to my work but not been out much at the weekends but I have a summer of concerts, festivals, camping and holidays that I am determined to enjoy!! I went to my GP and I don’t know how she has done it but I have an appt for the neurosurgeon on the 2nd June - I had felt as if I had been left to get on with it with a lot of unanswered questions so this is good to go for an update and a chat- they might even tell me the results of the MRA back in July last year!

I had been feeling pretty brassed off a few weeks ago but the positive head is back on and has taken over again - its makes things just that bit easier so long may it continue!!

good to know youve got that positive head back…something you definatley dont want to loose…i hope you get some answers and the results of your last mri…keep us posted you are in my prayers xxxx