Nea had her 6 week post op check up today. The CT scan showed only good things… she’s healing well, no surprises, no worries.

Her doctor has cleared her for all activities… apparently what we thought was a seizure may not have been, it may just have been the stroke. So this means she doesn’t have any driving restrictions and doesn’t need to be reported to the state.

She’s still so tired much of the time she’s not yet ready to drive (or swim or work out at the gym) but she’s happy to know she’s cleared to do so when she’s ready.

Next step for us is in 6 months, at which time she’ll have an EEG and a special MRI and if no new issues are found she’ll be able to go off her anti-seizure meds.

I feel such an incredible sense of relief…

this is such great news so happy to hear that neas recovery is going along so well…tell her to take it easy…you guys must be so relieved …love and best wishes to you allxxxx

Thanks for your comment. I will tell you about my driving experiences when it happens

Hope Nea is still continuing to recover.


Hi Debbie,

Thanks for your good thoughts. Yes, Nea is continuing to recover. Her physical issues have mostly subsided (although like many people here she’s plagued by headaches). But now that she’s not dealing so much with the physical, her emotions are becoming more apparent. It breaks my heart that she has to deal with the fears she feels. Still, it’s good that she’s now able to admit that she has these fears and is starting to deal with them.

I’m so glad to hear that Nea’s recovery is going so well!