In 2012 my avm measured 19mm & as of today it measures 30mm & now there are a couple of small aneurysms around the AVM. I have spent the last 4yrs seeing numerous Doctors, the last 2 I seen gave me the option for gamma knife or craniotomy. After hearing that rhe gamma knife is 80% effective, it will take 3-5 yrs for it to completely go away, & the risk of both avm & aneurysms rupturing doubles I went with my gut & chose surgery. Well, the Dr refused surgery & pressured me to go with gamma knife so I got a second opinion & again chose surgery. The craniotomy is scheduled for March 8th & although I’m extremely nervous I’m equally excited to get this taken care of so I can start living again!!

Wow. You have been dealing with this a long time and still have the fight in you to overcome obstacles and do what you think is right. You’ve got the heart of a fighter. Best wishes on the upcoming surgery.

Good luck with the surgery -- please keep us posted on your recovery!

Hi Crp and I am glad you are finally having surgery. We really have to be our own best advocates, especially when doctors don't like what we decide to do, after leaving it up to the patient. Best of luck Crp and please be sure to update us when you are able to after your surgery.

Hi, I just wanted to say I also went with cranio. Mainly because I didn’t want to wait x amount of years to see results. I wanted to get on with my life and move on.
That’s not to say I wasn’t nervous driving to the hospital, a couple of times I wanted to tell my wife to turn the car around and go home…best of luck to you! Please tell us the good news when it’s all done. :slight_smile:

You are very brave CRP and i for one will be praying for you that everything goes well in your surgery...this is a perfect example of how a second opinion can help ppl so much...keep us posted after the surgery please... God bless!