This is Nathan's mom again ! We are home from SLU after his cereberal angiogram - NO more AVM - Praise the Lord. The area they were concerned about is scar tissue from the cyberknife radiation he had last year. So happy we are not looking at another surgery. Thanks for all the advice and prayers - God is so good.

Blessings to all and prayers going up for each of you.


Thats great news & God bless!

Barb, thank you for sharing the wonderful news and praise the Lord, indeed!

Fantastic New Barb, Very happy to hear this about Nathan :) , Hope you are all doing well now and that this weight has been lifted from your mind :) , Take care.

Fantastic Barb! Nathan is AVM Free!

What wonderful news! Thanks for sharing!

All the best,

Fabulous news x so happy for you all.

What fantastic news! So happy for everybody in your family:)

That's fantastic news for both you and Nathan!

What wonderful news! I am so happy for your son and your family
Hope you have time to celebrate!