So I went to the Dr this week and boy was it hard. First I saw my neurologist who set me on more medicine. She said she wants my headaches and pain to go away. She thinks by highering the pills it will help. Honestly it pissed me off; I was suppose to get off these pills and looks like I'm not. She ruined my day a little. Then I saw my eye Dr in hopes of some great new. I took test for THREE hours, and they didn't tell me anything. The Dr I saw was not the surgeon. He honestly sat for 5 minutes and left. The resident Drs did more. I have another eye appointment in Oct. I will be over 6 months then, I will find out if I am a candidate for eye surgery. Since my eye appointment took so long I didn't see my surgeon :( I see him on the 17th I believe. I am hoping someone lowers my pills. Honestly I don't think they will though. I can't help that I am still dealing with headaches everybody is different with healing. Hope everybody has a good holiday :)

Hi Veronica,

Thanks for the update. Sorry things didn't go better and that you are able to get more information during your upcoming appointments.

Take care,