Update on Shoulder problems

I went to see the surgeon, Dr. Flatow, in New York City yesterday. His tests on my arm left me in tears. I know he had to do them, but my husband almost decked him! lol

I think he’s going to do the surgery to repair the tendons & file down the bone spur on the rotator cuff under local anesthesia, but he has to get the okay from his head of anesthesia at Mt. Sinaii Hospital. I also have to go for another MRI on my shoulder as the last one is over a year old.

I’m starting to get pains in my right arm too now, but Dr. Flatow thinks it’s just from picking up the slack of not using my left arm.


UPDATE 6/23/08

I am extremely frustrated with the medical profession at the moment. As most of you know, I’ve been waiting for the doctor to call me with a date for my shoulder surgery to be done under local anesthesia. I had to keep calling Dr. Flatow’s office, but I was finally able to speak to his “fellow”, Dr. Groosom, last week. It seems that now Dr. Flatow’s anesthesiologist wants a letter from y neoro stating thatit is okay for me to have th surgery with general anesthesia if needed. My neuro says no way. Personally, I think this is just a case of everyone trying to cover their butts from being sued in case something goes wrong. Meantime, my rotator cuff spur has nearly severed all my tendons. My original orthopedist told me if I didn’t have surgery immediately (this was three months ago), my shoulder would be irreparably damaged and that I would be in this awful pain for the rest of my life!

Thank you for listening to me boo-hoo, my friends!

Love, Connie

Update 8/28/08

While we were on vacation, Dr. Flatow left a message that he was willing to go ahead with the surgery under local surgery! Praise God! He’s on vacation now, but hopefully I will be getting my shoulder fixed next month! Thank you all for your prayers!

Love, Connie

UPDATE - 9/4/08

The doctor’s office called today…I have an apointment for Sept. 17th to make arrangements for the surgery.

UPDATE - 9/18/08

The surgery is schedduled for January 6th. I can’t believe how long it’s taking to get things done!

Wow, that’s a lot of hugs! Thank you, Stacey!

I hope you are feeling better soon! I know things will work out!

fingers crossed he gets the goahead Connie, when will u know (((HUG)))

I have pains on my right for not using them…I hope everything will b ok!!

wow, you keep going through it! I’m sorry to hear that you have to have more surgery. I hope it takes care of the pain for you! I might be out that way! Don’t know when but my daughter and hubby are moving to thr big apple. His job…takes them there. So sad to see them go! But gotta go where the money is. Feel better my friend.
Sending angel love and light…d
ps. let me know when surgery is?

I’m annoyed. I found out today that the letter hasn’t even been mailed to the anesthesiologist yet…not even typed yet! To quote my friend Amanda “Grrr!”

Double GRRRRR!

Aw Connie fingers and anything else i’ve got than be crossed is gonnan be crossed for you. I pray that they can do it this time. Take Care xoxox