Update on second angio

well i had the angio yesterday, was hoping it would have been obliterated but didn't get my hope up to much as the doc said it was rare, Well he was right, it is still there. He said it didn't grow which is good but now it is looking like i have to have surgery to get it out of there. Doc believes that is the best route for me today.. I have to go for MRI now to get the exact location so he can make the final determination as to surgery or gamma knife. at least i think its gamma knife. he called it radiation but said they do it in conjunction with angiogram, anyone ever hear of that. i asked the radiosurgery group with no response yet. I kinda have mixed feelings but have seen alot of good results from folks in here who have had the surgery and came out fine.. kinda unsettling thinking about it but im trying to just look at the possibility that the thing will be gone after and not the risks. doc said the risk is 8-10% for stroke or some vision issues after. well i will look at the 90%. Oh and a little excitement was had when they were wheeling me back to recovery the puncture site clot popped, i thought i was a goner when about 8 nurses stormed my room, looks gruesome too when about a quart of your own blood gets sprayed all over the bed and your gown...but im all good, home now and no side effects. I go thur for the MRI will know than a date i think that i can close this chapter.. please be thinking about me when your praying and thanks in advance...


Positive thoughts and prayers headed your way!

Hi Gregg and thanks for the update on yesterday. You continue to be in my prayers.

Thanks for the update! It must have been scary when the clot popped, but I'm glad you are OK and home. My best wishes!