Update on Ryan

He is out of surgery and awake. :) That's all I know for now. Thank you - to all of you- for helping me get through this thus far. Sending MUCH LOVE! KK

Hope all is well.
Ron, KS

Thanks Ron - So far so good. He recognizes his mommy and daddy and has been able to put words into a sentence. We'll take every little victory we can get and be patient but persistent on the rest.

How wonderful, kk!

Happy to hear that Ryan is out of surgery! Sounds like it went okay and can speak and recognize people. That truly brings a smile to my face. We are all pulling for him, so continue to keep us posted.

Thanks dancermom - Feeling cautiously optomistic

Thanks Debra

What a wonderful start. Best wishes for a continued smooth recovery.

Wonderful news, let the healing begin!
Thoughts and prayers from Virginia!

Thank you Tina!

Thank you Marie!

PRAYERS have been said for Ryan! Please keep us posted!

Thank you Barbara H! They are greatly appreciated.

Good news so far. Give him a hug from all of us!

God bless he will be just fine.