Update on my wife

i have learned alot from this site, thanks too all, my wife had her crainotomy too remove the avm on 11/17/2008
it was 4.2cmx2.8cmx4.8cm in the right towards the back, on 3/9/2010 she had a follow up anteriour cartiod angio.
went too see her surgeon on 3/19/2010, he told everything looked great, no signs of avm, avm will not be back
dont need too see him anymore, even though she lost her perephial vision do too where the avm was, she is unable too drive, other than that everything is great, she is super depressed over the fact she cant drive, but it sure beats the alternative if the avm had ruptured etc, as we were leaving his office he was riding the elevator with us, my wife told
other people on the elevator that this is the surgeon that save her life, his response was, it was GOD who saved your life, not him, we will never give up hope that she may drive some day, even though she has sneaked her car out twice, wouldnt start the other day, she thought i took the battery out LOL, but again thought everbody might want too here from us, i read on this website everyday,
chip& marie

Marie it is fantastic news that the monster is still gone !
Your surgeon must be as practiced as he is humble - together you are a fine example of team-work !!!

Hi chip and marie, I had surgery on my AVM when I was 13 years old. The AVM sat in my Occipital lobe, so after the surgery I lost all peripheral vision in my right eye. However I still drive, I bought a mirror that expands my field of vision ( I place it over my rear view mirror) this helps alot. It does take some getting use to and I had to learn how to turn my head so that I would not bump into doors, walls, chairs and other objects . But I did, I now drive every where. Don’t give up!