Update on my husband Juan!

First off I want to thank everyone for the positive support and amazing stories they have helped uplift my spirits very much! I also wanted to put an update on my husbands progress. We are on Day 22 at the hospital. My husband was moved out of the ICU this week but is still in the regular part of the hospital due to fevers he is having. The doctors finally gave up it being an infection and decided it was neuro fevers so they took him off the antibiotics. He’s been getting a little rehab everyday and the movement in his limbs is much better minus his right leg but it’s getting there. He has begun feeding himself and brushing his own teeth and speaking words here and there. He has really good days when he responds to all commands and understands questions and conversations. He also has bad days where he seems depressed and doesn’t want to respond to anyone. He was accepted into Spaulding rehab in Boston and should be going this coming monday as long as the weekend goes well and that’s when I’m expecting the real progress :slight_smile:

Hi Sara. Spaulding is one the best rehab places in this country! I believe the 4Ps are the key to recovery. Prayers…Patience…Persistence and Positivity! The Brain can heal is just does so SLOWLY!

Hi Sara, thank you so much for taking the time to post this update. With your love and support, Juan will thrive! Your family and you will be in my prayers.

Sara, I totally agree with Barbara's comment...And your husband's rehab at Spaulding will make a huge difference.

Please keep us informed regarding his healing progress at Spaulding!

Sara, I am so glad things are headed in the right direction for your husband. Keep up the progress reports, as it will help remind you as time goes by just how far you have both come. Best wishes to you both!

Sara thanks for posting during this scary time
One thing that helped my brain was turmeric and coconut oil
My husband used coconut oil in my tea or coffee it also comes in a pill form
We need protein and fat for our brains to get better
turmeric is used every day in Indias diet and they have few causes of demetia and alz's
Please google for yourself the benefits
I only use organic cold pressed coconut oil which now costco sells but you can find it online via Amazon and I took turmeric pills 1 pill 2x day my stanford doctors told my husband it would take me 3 years to get better I went back to work in 13 months
We will all be thinking positive thoughts for you and your husband. Keep talking to him and let him know you are there for him- also see if he wants ice cream or fruit pops that was a motivator in my recovery. He is going to have good days and bad days. Its depressing cause you can literally see what you want to say but cant so maybe give him a pencil and paper and see if that helps
You can even rub the coconut oil on his body its suppose to help with inflammation
One side of his body may be better to stand on for me since it paralyzed my left side I would remember more if someone was on my right side talking to me.
also dont have the news on or any stressful shows-
Praying for you