Update on my condition a year after RADIATION

I would like to share some news about my condition. After long agonizing thoughts I decided to do radiation instead of surgery. Last year Jan 27, 2015 I had my radiation and hoped for the best. This past year I have to say that I felt good about it moved on with life and did not give it a second thought which was a contrast to the year before that the AVM thoughts never left my mind. I was even surprised when the doctor's office called me to remind me for my annual CT, MRI and office visit. The results came a couple days ago and my doctor told me that I am doing better than she thought I would be doing. Comparing AVM size before the radiation to now my AVM got reduced in size from 2.8 cm down to 1.6 cm diameter. Reduction of over 40%. My doctor told me that sometimes it takes up to 2 years to see any effects at all so she was very happy with mine. No one knows if this will continue and the AVM will be eliminated completely but so far it seems the right decision for me.

Kosta, Great news on the reduction of the AVM and you looking forward in life also !, I know exactly how that feels but I didn't start looking forward and planning for the future until my AVM was removed. Your lucky in a way that you had a choice of treatments :) , Take care and hope the news continues to be good.


Hi kosta :slight_smile: which type of radiation did you receive?