Update on my brother 4 days after GKS

Just wanted to share that everything worked out with my brother's GKS drama. He was approved for admission after the procedure. He experienced a little bit of a set back and had to be transferred to the icu again (this is why I am happy I pushed for an admission), b/c he was lethargic and a CT scan revealed a tiny bit of blood that oozed from the avm after the procedure. He is stable now and was able to return to Mt. Sinai's rehabilitation unit yesterday and very happpy to be back and finish what was started. I hope he will be well enough to go home for his 40th birthday at the end of this month. November will mark 1 year since his first bleed...Its been a crappy year, hopefully it will all end in good.
Thanks for listening.

Awesome! I'm glad it all worked out and he got back to the rehab. Wish him happy birthday for me!