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Hello everyone I’m an grade 4 avm patient and my doctor said that I’m not be going to bleed any soon, I guess till 15yrs but he said me there’s a medicine under trail to cure avm of any grade I just wanted to know if it’s true or he just said me to satisfy myself and reduce stress are there any new treatments or medicine on the way for curing avm in 5 to 10years?? Please help me know the information if any have

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Hi there. I’ve never heard of a medication that could cure an AVM. I’ve also never heard of a doctor telling a patient there was no fear of a bleed until a certain amount of time had passed. I think an AVM is a ticking time bomb that could rupture at any time. Sorry to be so blunt. We had no idea my daughter had one until it bled.
Have you been told that yours cannot be treated? If so, I’m very sorry. If it could be treated I would do it.

I’ve been watching this because like @AllieG, in all my research on AVMs I’ve never seen mention of a medication to cure one. Granted, my research focused primarily on my son’s case. And we were fortunate, like you, to discover it before it bled. It can’t hurt to get a second opinion, right?

Thanks for your information, actually my avm cannot be treated as it is deep inside my right thalamus praying God for the best and waiting for new treatments to cure all types of avm and I have read somewhere that there’s a research going on for the new treatments

I am sorry to hear this, @Rams. My prayers join yours for new discoveries and treatments :pray:


I don’t know of any new treatment or medicine in train to treat AVMs but since yours is not operable with current technology, I think your doctor is mostly trying to encourage you not to give up – that in ten years, who knows what capabilities doctors will have? I think it’s a good idea to maintain a positive outlook, especially when there is no other real choice.

You’ve got a tough deal. Not everyone handles such a situation well, so I hope you can stay positive. I think it is important to live the life we have than to lose it to worrying about tomorrow.

Very best wishes,


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