Update on letter and email sent to US Weekly

Hey everyone! I just thought so many of you went through so much to add your name to the letter I sent in November to US Weekly that I'd give you all a much deserved update.

First of all thank you everyone for making the effort to read and sign the letter trying to provide some awareness of just what an AVM really is and how it can affect so many. :) (see Kate Middleton's scar...)

As typically with tabloids, as of today (it's going on two months now...more than a lifetime for a weekly mag), I received no response from either the letter or the email I sent. Not to worry though, I never really expected a response. Rather, as the awesome website that this is... we provided some much needed awareness to a very different audience and you can all be proud of that. Hope everyone is feeling well and thank you all again. :)

Hi Suzy,
I applaud you & am cheering you on for your efforts!!!
Too bad they didn't respond, but you might try again through other 'avenues' of the media. Ya just never know who may take interest, so go for it, Suzy! :)
Hope you are feeling well, too my friend.

Congrats on doing this - I didn't know that you did that.

Even if you don't get a response this time, you'll have things gathered for the next time.