Update on Kennedy

I had intended to give an update on Kennedy a couple of weeks ago and there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day. She turned 9 the end of July and continues to make slow improvements. She is still doing speech, OT, and PT twice a week. School starts tomorrow, I mean after today, and she will be in the third grade. I am very anxious bc this will be th first year back staying full days with therapy after school. We had an angiogram done this past Mon. Aug. 19th to check for residual or regrowth. I am happy to report that neither was seen so thank God for a great report. We are almost 2 years into our journey and she has come so far but she is determined to work hard and improve even more. She as taught me what it means to be a fighter. I am so proud to be Kennedy’s mom! Prayers for all of you!

Wow apparently I am half asleep. Forgive my typos please.

I wish Kennedy a happy and successful third grade year, krd. It sounds like both of you are doing well, and I am so glad of that. Thanks for checking in with us!

I'm happy to hear she had a good angio report and things are progressing well for her. Yayyy!!! :) Is she anxious to go back to school? I bet she liked getting new school clothes the best, huh (smiles)? I know you said that you are anxious for her but, aren't you a tiny bit nervous too? I think I would be.

I believe Kennedy is a fighter because she has a good role model - You (wink). Have her teachers and the school nurse been made aware of her situation (for lack of better wording)? I'm just curious. These are the kind of things I think of.


She was a little anxious. Before her AVM rupture school was easy and now it’s much harder which of course makes her not like it as much now. She had a good day. It will take me a little while to get over my nervousness. We have been very blessed by everyone at Kennedy’s school. She was actually at school when it ruptured so all the teachers and staff know all about her. They have worked very hard to meet her needs and keep her safe. This is going to be a test staying all day with therapy after school but we don’t know till we try it. She had been a part time student since her return to school in Feb.2012 (rupture happened Sept.2011). Thanks for the kind words but I wish I was half as tough as she is!

Thanks she had a good day!

That is great that the people at her school are there for her. That's going to be a BIG help for her.

I have to agree with you - "You won't know till you try it". My own opinion and I hope I'm right on this (smiles):.... I think it might be a little tiring for her the first few days. Then she'll (her body) will get more use to it and she'll be fine. She has the love of her family and the support from her teachers and that's where she's going to the strength from.. :) Not to mention all of her friends at school. More often than not, a bit of familiar normalcy is good medicine by itself. That goes for anyone who's been through a lot and so much.

Hang in there, your nerves will calm down too as she progresses in her adventure. The key word being "progresses" (wink & smiles). I love that word. It means moving forward and overcoming or breaking through obstacles. At least in my book that's what it means. Hee Hee

Praying for you guys,


Thanks for the update. Great news about the angiogram. Hope Kennedy's school days go well for her and much luck with all of her therapy as well. I can certainly see why you are proud to be Kennedy's mom:)

So glad to hear Kennedy is doing well. Like Ben said, school may be exhausting for her at first, but she's proven she is a tough little cookie so she'll get the hang of it. Give her my best wishes for a great school year!