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Update on Johnnyboy from 08 to 2019

My son Johnathan was diagnose with AVM in 08… He has beem AVM free 11 years now his treatment was crainiotomy . We were help by many here what to decide.gammy knife was almost an option but we went for the crainotomy along with johnny giving the go. anyhow… i love you all in here… i pray for all what you are going through… put you faith in Jesus… so John is doing ok… he hasnt had an MRI for about 6 years or 7 years. i wonder if he should get checked… i hear prople say it can come back… not sure…He is in his 6year in school getting his credential and masters. He absolutely grateful… Since being in school… he has been experiencing anxiety attacks that he has never experience before… he said depression too. He lost some friends that died and pet and he lost a girl that he loved… i figured its that. Just to let all know there is hope. He well and living and doing all the things he loves he has been off Keppra since2012 i beleive
I will continure to pray for this site…it has helped me as a parent with an avm patient.Ben Munos helped me alot and many other people here ans Shalom

My God bless you all… You have a great support here and many share to help find a solution or place to see a doctor perhaps… alwasy pray first and ask God for help.

Stella Morales

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Thanks for the update Stella and nice to hear the success with the AVM. He is facing some young man challenges for sure! Best of luck to him in finishing his schooling. Take Care, John.

Stella thanks for the positive and uplifting message. I’ve been on my AVM journey for almost 5 years. Things are going well, for me but I’m not to the finish line yet. Besides the doctor’s, P&P (Prayer & Patience) have been my go-to in dealing with all the things AVM related. Thanks for the update.

Sharon D…