Update on Embo

Hi everyone and thank you all for the best wishes and hugs. I am doing good. Dr. Rosenwasser said he got alot of the AVM with this embo (fifth) but feels several more are needed. All he could say is there is alot of it! The embo's will be done every six weeks and then we will discuss the radiation. I am still having headache, naseua and vision problem since since procedure but all in all it went better than most I had done. I hope all of you are doing well and to all I send my best wishes. Hang tough we can fight through this. Well I will keelp you updated and will hopefully catch up with everyone soon. I am having a little problem trying to work with this computer lol....

Alll my best to you stay strong....xoxoxoxox

Hi Leeann glad it went well and they got alot of it. I feel me and you are in the same position, but try resting and recovering and hopefully you will be back to normal soon. Take Care thinking of you. Dipen

You are a survivor!!! Baby steps at a time…one embo at a time!! xoxo Love you! Mare

Hi, glad u re feeling a little better, thanks for the update. One question how long did it take to do the embo.? Did u spend anytime in the hospital? I go for my first one the last week of July. Trying not to count the day’s and also did they put u to sleep or were u woke a little bit? Peace and Blessing

Hang in there, LeeAnn! I’m going for my first one tomorrow. You are my hero…If you can do it, I can be brave and do it too! lol

Thx for the update Lee Ann. You are a tough cookie! Dr R IS the best on the east coast. I am communicating right now with TAAF about a PA walk. I’ll keep u up to date. Hang tough girl!