Update on Dad's Condition

18 days after surgery, dad opened his eyes and was semi-conscious for a brief moment. He wasn't alert enough to attempt to look around, yet he recognized that my brother was there and gave his hand a nice squeeze.

21 days now, and they want to do more tests. His nurse is saying that his fingers and toes are bruised from the constant response testing. They're having to push on his cuticles pretty hard to get a response. The general tone is that Dad's condition is worsening.

Big conference call with the care team at the hospital tomorrow. Hoping for better news, but I have this gut feeling that news won't be coming. This roller coaster is really wearing on me. Obviously, I want my Dad to be okay. But I'm scared that he's suffering and experiencing this in a way that he would never choose for himself. Regardless of the outcome and what all this might mean, please pray for his peace.

Hi Gretchen.

No matter what happens...you are not alone!!! All of us who have been through this ordeal are PRAYING FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!

Gretchen,  My prayers are with you and your family.