Update on Craig

Craig has now had his last laser treatment and is awaiting his follow up appointment in the public system at the Royal Brisbane. He has since been privately to see a Plastic Surgeon that his GP referred him too. He was unable to help as it is not his area of expertise, but he has referred him to 2 other Plastic Surgeons who he feels may be able to help. Both appts are on the 12th June 2012. I have also learnt at todays Brisbane meet, about the work being done by Professors Morgan & Stoodley at the Macquarie University Hospital in NSW. Tonight I have sent them an email to see if they also treat Facial AVM's as well as those on the brian. Fingers crossed.

Hi Michelle! I hope you find some answers and find someone that can help Craig. Sounds like you and Craig have already been through alot. Your strenght is very admirable. Sharing your story can help others and also find its way to someone who can offer advice and help. I am in the beginning journey of trying to find a doctor that understands my 3 year old sons vascular malformation. One team thinks its avm, another a capillary malformation. I am getting more opinions now from who ever I can find that specializes in vms. My thoughts and prayers are with Craig, you, and your family. My fingers are crossed to finally finding someone that can help his avm!