Update on Carters journey

Carter had surgery today ..we were told this would be an easy surgery ...the goal was to put 2 staples above the knee to force the back of the leg to grow ...while Carter has had about 30 surgerys they said that he may be super hyper sensitive and may be painful.....well he is in a little bit of pain and has a fancy brace on and is on crutches again.....and back to PT he goes (not looking forward to this part)...this was not the outcome we were looking for ...but like I say for Lion Snaps ...recovery is one step at a time ...keep Carter in your prayers


Carter is always in my prayers!

Carter's Mom, your inspitational, wonderful son is always in my prayers. I'm sorry you didn't get the outcome you were looking for but as you also said, it really is "One day at a time". Thank you for keeping us informed, and all the very best wishes!

Wish you a speedy recovery Carter . Regards George & Nicole :)

Feel better soon, Carter. We're rooting for you!

I hope that you feel better soon, Carter. Rooting for and praying for the both of you.