Update on Brandon :

update on Brandon: We were told a few weeks ago there was nothing that Cleveland Metro could do. So they refered us to a Dr Warren Selman at the Cleveland University Hospital. We met with him this past Friday. We were very impressed with him and felt at ease right away. He explained that he CAN do Brandons surgery, He will be going thru his scull and take out as much AVM as he can. ( His is about 4 cm long and 3 -4 cm deep.) and if any is left , they will use the gamma knife. We feel we have been holding our breath since March. And now Because of Dr W. Selman, we can finally exhale. Thank the Lord for awesome Drs all over the world who have great knowledge on something so rare !!! We are all very blessed.

radial surgery is a crazy thing i takes a long time to work but its non invasive i had cyber knife last april which is similar in procedure just different in trajectory. It feels like a migraine afterwards but the severe aftershock will end after a day or so i did cyber not gamma but I'm certain that both have similar effects on how one is effected eventually i started a small steroid regiment to relieve swelling that ended though-anyway radial surgery is a pretty neat way to take care of this trying burden i pray all goes well for brandon and (god) willing the is new that will beckon brighter day to come


Congratulations on finding the right surgeon! I'm very encouraged that you are giving the Lord the glory for helping you. Keep your eyes on Christ through this whole process...He is SO faithful! The staff at U of U said they really see a difference in patients and families who put their trust in the Lord for His will. Be a witness while you're there and see God's mighty hand at work in Brandon and everyone who treats him! God bless you all!