Update on beth

Sorry have not been on for so long. Baby no 2 is now 1 week overdue and have been busy preparing for their arrival. Beth is now nearly 3 and continues to be very well for which we are very grateful. She had a MRI/ANGIOGRAM on thurs to see what is happening with her brain avm (she had a bleed in Oct 08 followed by an embolization) The main and life threatening part of her avm has been successfully blocked off. There is a small part still remaining which they are not sure how to treat so our consultant is going to discuss with other experts and get back to us. As she is so young they have had so few cases like hers and are unsure how the avm will change as she grows. They may well now look at radiosurgery in Sheffield UK (but feel she might be too young) or open surgery. She may even have another embolization procedure but are unsure whether it would work and feel she may need radiosurgery or open surgery after that anyway so may be an unnecessary risk. We will keep you all updated as to her progress. Any advice recommended!

Carolyn I’m glad to hear the main part was closed off…that has to make you feel so much better.You must be so uncomfortable being past due. All 3 of mine were 2 or more weeks late ,so I know how that feels. I hope all goes well with the rest of Beth’s treatment …please let me know.

Glad to hear she is doing okay so far. I think it sounds like the doctors are looking at all possible treatments and being very careful in what the recommend which to me, is a really good idea and reassuring. I guess when they ultimately give you their recommendation, you can always get another opinion somewhere? just to confirm.
Good luck with your new baby! I was, like Pauline, overdue with both of mine and it is so difficult to wait when you just “want it out!” LOL Let us know if you can how you do.

Hi Caroline glad to here Beth continues to be well.
Poor you I was a week overdue with Paul its a pain you just want it over and your baby, but it’ll happen when it happens, good luck I will be thinking of you and keeping you all in my parayers. Good Luck.

so happy to hear beths news…that must be a great relief…the doctors sound like they will know what is best for beth…good luck with the birth of the new one…hope it hurries alongs for you…keep us posted

Jacob was 6 when he had gamma knife at sheffield and they were brill.
Glad to hear all is well at the moment and good luck with the new baby xx

Carolyn- Hopefully baby #2 has made its arrival by now! Glad to hear that Beth is doing well and that the doctors are looking at the best option for her without jumping into anything unnecessarily. Good luck with two little ones!!! Keep us in the loop as things progress.

Hi Carolyn, all the best to Beth. xxx