Update on Aneurysm

Hi again, so I had my follow up Cerebral Angiogram and we looked a bit more in detail at the Aneurysm that was discovered when my AVM was cured. It was about 5mm and did show some worrying signs of weakness. My neurosurgeon recommended clipping it as the most effective long term solution for someone of my relatively young age (39) (for the condition at least!).

The only problem with clipping is it involves a craniotomy which is a pretty big deal (Proper open up the skull surgery!!). I had the operation about two weeks ago and have recovered remarkably well. I had bad swelling from the wound site at the start but it has settled righ down now. I was released from hospital 4 days after the operation and have been continuing my recovery at home. Happy to answer questions if any of you have any, but am so fortunate that the procedure went so well for me.

I am glad to hear you are doing well, Martin! Thanks for updating us.

Wow! That's a spooky operation, to say the least. "Congratulations" on recovering so well from it. Yayyy!!! No more worries! It's fixed! (happy smiles)


That's great to hear! Im in the process of deciding whether I want brain surgery to get rid of my AVM, it is based quite deep in the back of my brain. Doctors wanted to give me brain surgery earlier this year but I got married so I said I will think about it in august, so I soon have to decide. I just wanted to read other people's experiences, as I want to see what the risks are and find out about the whole procedure