Update on Abby

All I can say is Thank god for this site and all of your advice. We have been in contact with The Vascular Institute of New York. Dr. Berenstein is going to do an embolization and Dr. Waner and Dr. O are going to do the removal of the AVM the next day. We do not have a definite date yet but should by the end of the month. They said hers is one of the most active they have seen..but it is not huge. My question is, what is the recovery time for these? We don't even have a rough idea and is anyone else exhausted that has an active AVM?

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My son slept very heavily for a couple of weeks after his embolization. The resection was easier -- he was dancing again within a week. I think it takes at least a week to clear the effects of general anesthesia. Best wishes for Abby's surgery!

Hi Abbys Mom - That's great news about your daughter having surgery. You have some great doctors working on our daughter, so that's even better. I don't know recovery time for this procedure, but certainly your docs should be able to give you an idea as to how long recovery takes. Perhaps you can email Dr. Waner and ask him all of your questions of what to expect etc. All the best. Please let us know how everything goes for Abby:-)