Update of my surgery and recovery

hi every body i see a lot of good recovery in here i just want to share mine after having a surgey on march 1st of this year and walking the next day and was home in 2 days and no pain meds after two weeks now im going for my first post opps on the 28th of this month to talk to my doctor i been bless to have only slight dizzyness i think is the meds i was taking 2000ml of anti seizure meds kepra two days ago my doctor reduce my meds to 750ml i was happy to hear that hope dizzyness goes away then i can say no side effect whats so ever but i feel like a new man after my surgery. im thankfull to have a wonderfull wife and children to spend the rest of my life with im also thankfull for all of the thoughts and prayers to everyone here God bless and i pray to see more good recovery and up coming surgery and procedure and long life to every ones.

Congrats, Michael!

thanks tina

Hi Micheal. I’m soooo happy that you are doing well!!!


WTG! Such great news! Hug those children as often as they'll let you.


Good for you Michael. Keep up the good work.

happy to hear you are doing well in your recovery. Keep it up. Lots of prayers continue your way!



Hay Michael, so good to hear a good success story,

Kia Kaha Taiki


Hello Michael, I am so VERY happy for you and your family. It is wonderful to hear of your successful treatment, truly.

The dizziness with Keppera WILL pass, it just takes a little time once they change the doses!

My very best wishes to you and yours, enjoy every minute of your life, family and friends. God Bless you and Keep You, always, Lesley.