Update - October 09

well after my meeting with my neurosurgeon in June they sent me an appointment through for a cerebal and spinal angiogram which i had the beginning of this week. They are sending the results to Toronto and Paris and then sending an appointment through to me to discuss the results. They think the results will still show that the AVM is not treatable however I am in the mind that the more they see and investigate it the more they can learn about my AVM and if it helps me or anyone else in the future its worth it!! fingers crossed the find something they can do and take the pain away however if not then its not the end of the world…if got lots to live for so best to just get on with it! x

Lisa , you are marvelous !!
You are correct in that the more the medical communities see , investigate and learn from the better for all .
Angiograms …yuk . A chance some set of eyes may see an answer for you …HOORAY !
Fingers crossed and prayers a flowin for you …