Update New Plan Lineac Not Done

Yesterday I was scheduled to have the Lineac Procedure but my neurosurgeon decided after further review to do an extensive Arteriogram. Everything went well and it was the best experience ever going through this procedure. The results were not the best but I feel positive. After four embolizations and two radiation treatments last treatment being a little more than three years ago the AVM is still a significant size (4.5 centimeters). They are now going to do two embolizations and then the gamma knife. Dr. Rosenwasser could not say for sure if more would be needed or not. I will be scheduled for the first embolization in the next couple weeks. It was the first time too that I did not get emotional or scared of what I was hearing. I guess I am feeling lucky if that makes sense that the technology is there and though a total of six embolizations will be done and three radiations treatments over the past years (I think 7) GOD has blessed me wtih a wonderful life.

Lee Ann! I had no idea you see Rossenwasser also! Jaclyn has seen him for the past 7 years and we were just there last Tuesday. Sometimes he is hard to talk to because Jaclyn is on 13 and 75% of his patients are adults. Not sure he knows what to tell us at times when Jaclyn asks so many questions about her future. We are lucky to have the technology today and I pray in another 10 yrs there will be more. When is your embo scheduled for? Keep in touch!

Hi Kim
I changed to Dr. Rosenwasser around three years ago. I also pray the technology will grow over time. I was eleven when I was diagnosed so I’ve seen it grow over the years. Are they doing any type of procedures on Jaclyn? I am not sure of the date yet they are going to call me. They know I will have two embolizations and one gamma knife for sure. I will keep in touch and please do the same. xoxox