Update - June 2010 - possible embolization!

Well i got an appointment through from the neuro radiologist with 6 days notice so I panicked!! lol....i guessed it was to go over the results from the angio and discuss what the doctors in canada and paris had said. So I went to see him and he has agreed that they may be able to do some embolization treatment on part of the avm!!! I am going in next month for a "test run" and then all going well I will be getting the embolization treatment!!!! I feel absolutely petrified but so so happy that finally something will be getting done and it may relieve some of my symptoms! They cant treat all of the AVM as some of it is still in an area they will just not treat but treating some of it is better than no treatment at all!

Anyone that has had this treatment done please feel free to leave comments as I am now having to read up on the treatment as I had finally got it into my head my AVM was not treatable so didnt read too much into alternatives!!!

best wishes xx

Lisa, Sounds pretty similar to my experience…Best of luck to you, all will go smoothly:) -GK