Update: I am cured!

Update: AVM surgical removal on Halloween and Angiogram confirmation the next day. I am so happy to say my decision was a success I am cured!!! I am recovering well so far and I am so happy to live a new wonderful life! I did it for my family, my son and my wife. I will be recovering for a bit as I am still sleepy as I type. Thank you all so much!!!


Fantastic, great news to start the week! Take Care, John.

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Great news! take care of yourself!

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so glad to hear it!!


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I think that looks beautiful

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How are you now, Mario? We’d love to know.



Hello Everyone,

Surgery was much better than I expected. I was very nervous right before going in, but after a cocktail I do not remember anything until I was in ICU. The pain was bad but thanks to morphine and 3-4 days of hospital care I made it through quickly. I was home by day 5 and I would say after week 2-3 I felt brand new. I have not had frequent headaches like before. I did have a very mild seizure the first week at home losing control of my left arm for 20-30 seconds and never happened again. I so get tired in the middle of the day about once or twice a week, I get hot/cold easily here and there but I heard this can be normal through recovery. My final follow up is this Friday and I will update you all :)!!! Thanks for all the support I am so happy to have survived my rupture, 2 surgeries and finally be cured (most importantly). My family played a HUGE role as a support system and I am very greatful. I also became a peer mentor for the hospital to give back to those in need of support as I know it can become a dark journey.


Wonderful fabulous news, Mario! And I love that you are able to give back to others. Look at the smile on that ID tag picture!

Keep us updated. Good outcomes like yours are incredibly inspiring and calming for others who are facing a similar challenge.

Seenie from Moderator Support

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That is one of the biggest smiles I’ve seen for a long time!

Absolutely fabulous that you’re being a peer mentor. Very well done!


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Such awesome news buddy and may God bless you and your family!

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:+1: well done, you’ve given others hope

Fantastic! Great to hear and love to see the peer mentor ID, the smile alone will help many! Thanks and Take Care, John.

I didn’t know about a peer mentoring program! That is fantastic! I’m sure it is therapeutic for others and yourself. Great news - continue on my friend! :heart: