Update following avm obliteration

Hello everyone I just wanted to write this post 3 years after my open brain surgery success to give you a bit of an update and hope. :relaxed: A year or so after my surgery I enrolled in a nursing degree at my local university. I obviously now had a keen interest in neurology. I now am a fully qualified nurse having just graduated in July and working as a staff nurse. I never had faith that I would get through or overcome ll the problems with my health but its nice to finally be out the other side and be doing well. I hope this can give someone some hope that even though thingsay not be going to plan and may not ever seem to be over keep strong.

That is awesome news! Congrats on the Nursing degree, and I guess you would have an interest in Neurology! I have been amazed by the nurses and Dr. I’ve dealt with in the Neuro side, an incredible crew! I’m married to a nurse so have an understanding to some degree the caring of the profession. You do need to remember to take care of yourself and not just everybody else! Take Care, John.

Thank you John for your reply. Yes I no sometimes you forget to look after ur self to. Getting a bit better at it I think. Hope u and ur wofe are keeping well joy northern ireland