Update, first appt since discovery

well i had my first apt with the drs and surgeon post bleed on May 22. I guess its a good thing to be called boring by your Dr,haha. I guess he said that basically because my symptoms are all almost gone except for the vision loss in my left eye.After reading so many posts in here i almost feel unworthy to be in here..Thanks be to God for my situation. I still do have a small bit of clot left that the surgeon wants to clear before he can do a second angio which will than let him know what treatment will be best. He said something though that kinda surprised me when he said that the second angio was done first to make sure it wasnt gone.. He noticed my surprised look and said that sometimes a AVM can absorb with the clot. He told me when it happened that it is rare but can happen. With it being near my occipital lobe that would be the biggest answered prayer in my life.. Has anyone ever had that experience with there's in here. Im curious to hear and will let all know how the apt the 4th of Aug goes when i go for the angio.

Hi, Gregg, there's no such thing as being unworthy to be here. Everyone affected by an avm is welcome, and we are always glad for good news when people are relatively unscathed. Yes, we have had a very small minority report that their avms "blew themselves out" after a rupture -- this is rare, but can happen with very small avms. Best of luck with the angio in August, and I hope you continue to be "boring" to the docs.