Update and question

First of all, my question is regarding T-shirts. Since we live in NC, I will be unable to walk in May but would love to show our support by purchasing T-shirts. When I went to order, they went from XS to XL... are they only available in adult sizes? My son is 3 years old, but I would like to get him a shirt, too.

A quick update... I have not been here to post in well over a year. It has been a trying year to say the least. My son, Warren, will be 3 in a few weeks. His AVM ruptured EXACTLY 2 years ago today, March 28, 2008. We call today his "Alive Day" because it's the day when he chose to stay with us and fight for his life. Although he has now been diagnosed with CP as a result of his rupture and the mulitple strokes that resulted, we are grateful to have to him to kiss every morning and every night. He doesn't walk... has no words... is dependent upon a feeding tube... but he is such a blessing.

A year ago, I found out that we were being given another blessing... twin boys were on the way! Talk about a miracle. I was ecstatic that Warren would have TWO brothers... identical boys... to help him grow and take care of him in the future. I carried the boys with no complications for 36 weeks and 3 days. One night, I couldn't feel them moving and went to the hospital. EIGHT DAYS before my scheduled C-section, my twin boys were delivered stillborn. I have now watched Warren suffer, spend 3 months in the hospital only to lose all of his abilities, and now... I have buried two of my three children. The devastation I have experienced as a mother is beyond words. I cannot believe that I was handed another tragedy. We have lost so much. With that being said, I ask for your prayers as we move forward. It's only been since this past December 13th that I lost my twins. I have had three children... only one who lived... who suffers with both mental and physical handicaps. The hand I was dealt is more than difficult but I am grateful for my Warren and for an amazing husband. God bless you all!


Amy, My heart goes out to you and your family. Warren is an amazing boy and I am so so sorry to hear about the loss of your twin boys. Thank you for sharing that personal information with us and please stay strong. Keep your head up and know that you have us here to listen 24/7. Take care-Kim McDermott

Hi Amy As far as the shirts it sounds that way only adults sizes. My son is 6 ( i’m the one with the avm) and i’m ordering him an x-small. So it will be big but for him at least it wont look to huge. And as like Kim my heart goes out to you and your family. My mother in law also lost a baby boy at full term stillborn. I can’t imagine how you are handling the hand that you have been dealt! You are one amazing woman!!! Makes me feel like an idiot when i complain about my avm journey and I don’t have any real problems. I will be sending a huge hug your way and along with that lots of prayers! Hope to hear from you again Andrea :slight_smile:

Since I read your story I cannot get you and Warren out of my mind. I told my husband (AVM survivor also) about little Warren and everything you and your husband have endured the last 3 years. Please know you all are in our prayers and your strength amazes us.
Blessings to you all!
Marie & Steve

Amy, just reading this today. My thoughts are with you. I don’t know how you’ll mend your broken heart and I can’t even imagine your pain but your positive attitude is truly amazing.

Hi Amy, i live in hope mills. i cant imagine the pain you have been through. my daughter is 15 her AVM ruptured 12/23/09 we were lucky enough to have been in clayton at the time, so we did not have to go to cape fear or womack.(thank god) she was medivaced to chaple hill. i would love to chat on how you keep you sanity. thanks kelly

Hello Amy. I am so sorry for your tragic loss and suffering. I will be sending many prayers and lots of positive thoughts your way. I hope that you can keep that amazing strength and you and your husband can keep your wonderful attitudes in the midst of these troubles. Good luck and keep in touch.