Update after Embolization No.2

Hi all I had my 2nd Embolization on the 22nd of Sept, they said they glued about 20% of my AVM, but unfortunately i suffered a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage after the procedure. and a scan showed blood on the surface of the brain which was not present during the procedure.
I had a very bad headche and pain behind my right eye and continuous vomiting. Hence the scan was done and the SAH was shown. They said it was grade 1. and i was transffered to ICU, where the consultant and drs put me on a course of nimodipine which is a Calcium channel blocker and allows the blood to flow to the are where the blood has gone to. this prevents further damage and vaospasms.
I had to take this drug every 4 hours for 21 days. I finished my course yesterday. which I am glad about no more waking up at 2am, 6am,10am and remembering to take the drug during the day. Now i can sleep peacefully. I have been told its a commonly used drug after a haemorrhage.
Has anyone else taken this drug?
I dont feel that the bleed has affected me in any other way apart from the numbness on my left side returning.

But I am unfortunate to have had 3 bleeds within 1 year.

So they say they did 20% this time and 50% in Feb 08, have to wait and see

I have a follow up soon, and may need an angiogram to see what stage I am at now and what happens next.

Hi Dipen,

I’m sorry things went haywire. Hope the follow-up shows that the drugs helped.

Take care,


Glad the drug part is done, and you can get some sleep again!! So, am I safe to assume that the total is approx. 70% is gone, right. That’s great. Don’t get too down about the return of some of the numbness. The brain is remarkably resilient and you have the resilience and strength to keep moving forward. When’s the angiogram follow-up? I hope it’s all good news from here. Keep resilient!

Wow, I’m so sorry this is happening to you. :[

I go back for my second embollization in December and I’m kind of freaked out now.
Do you know how common the haemorrhages are?