Update 5/30/11

hello everyone since the last time i was on here alot has happened. too much to write or type. lol but we are moving to another apt complex here in tn instead of to va right now though they have the better docs i need to see because of my walking situation. i cant stand for long periods thus causing me to not be able to have the job i was getting in va. also today is first day i can bear weight on right side since lumbar puncture 2 weeks ago. i was able to walk about 15 ft so i was excited about that. docs still dont know what happened. based on my moms medical background and several friends of mine who also have medical jobs as nurses docs and what not they all feel the same way that i had a mini stroke. which makes a lot of sense. but either way hospital misdiagnosed me and because of it i lost significant motor control in my legs. if they had properly diagnosed a mini stroke from beginning then they wouldnt have spent a week doing unneccesary tests and they would have been able to treat the stroke and maybe i would have had the proper physical therapy from beginning instead of the lack of it. but i cant dwell on it too much. i go tomorrow to get my records from other hospital that did my angiogram to send a copy to doc in va for free second opinion and wednesday i go to physical therapy so hopefully within next 4 weeks i will be able to walk without a walker.

Glad your getting some answers!!! Stay strong and focus on the physical therapy. Hopefully your walking will improve and you will get stronger as physical therapy progresses:)