Hey everyone,....!!

I have been very busy with my job and a lot of OT,..."cha-ching"......lol

But very soon I will "blog" the results of my visit with my neurosurgeon, Dr. Jeffery Sorenson.

I can only ask for everyone's patience and consideration, as I will post all of the current findings.

"Today is a good day to be alive"

TC everyone,...


Hello William, I will be as patient as I can be, as I look forward to hearing all your news. Your friend, Lesley.xx

I finally popped in to the site (it’s been a few days thanks to the wonderful time consumingness of moving) and no update (?). “Cha-ching” is good but don’t you dare do anything that could/would jeopardize you/your health, Mister… that’s AVM and a Southern gal’s ‘orders’ (hehehe). Hope you are doing well & the results were fabulous news for you. Believe me, I totally understand the OT/‘cha-ching’ thing and I do hope you get to update us soon, as we do care, William! Take care!!!

Hi William. Please keep us informed on your medical appointments! To all my real AVM survivors…be very careful of an e-mail from Cynthia. Evidently it is from Senegal and it looks like SPAM. It infuriates me that someone would try and harm this wonderful group of survivors!!

Hi William, thank you for wlcoming me to AVM Survivors Network.