Updare on me or an intro to me

Not sure if amyone remembers me but my aunts and mother were here alot during my ordeal in 07 I had a half dollar sized AVM rupture twice in 5 months. second rupture happpened during a second embo. after a bunch of rehab, got engaged and moved to VA in june'12 had an infection go up my shunt and io my brain. six week hospital stay, back in school. Looking at a september wedding and still in school. For those who are just beginning their journey or know someone who is, kust want to say to keep fighting its a slow process and a lifelong one. Some will never get back to "normal"(still have left side paralysis but I find ways to get things done. Have to afapt and evolve. I recommend going to youtube and watching Jim valvano(jummy V's espy speech. It was inspirational before all this but now its pretty fitting. check it out.

Hello John
Thank you for posting your story and inspiring people. The best advice is not to give up and fight
I am so happy for you that you are continuing your education and getting married
God Bless you