Upcoming Surgery in 3 days

My husband had a hemorrhage of the left frontal (and part temporal) lobe on August 17, 2014. Did not get a diagnosis of AVM until 12/22/14 because of the amount of blood on the brain. They had to wait for it to be reabsorbed. Surgery is scheduled for this Wednesday, 1/14/15. He could not speak, write, nor even bathe himself for about a month after the initial bleed. He has worked so hard and come so far in his recovery, about 80% back to normal. We are told he will have a "setback" due to the surgery. I know everyone is different, but any idea as to how much of a set back?

Everyone is different so there really is no way of knowing. Unfortunately it is not like setting a bone in your leg. I can tell you that they told me that I might have a set back but I actually had more movement after the surgery than before. Best of luck! You will be on my prayer list!

Thank you. That is encouraging. By the way, I took him for Hypnosis after he got out of inpatient rehab from the bleed. It seemed to help tremendously.

Thank you so much for your response. I wish I had found this site earlier! I'm trying my best to remain positive!

Like Barbara said, it really is impossible to predict. I was in a coma after my bleed and before my crani. It took me only a few days to "wake up". I was still rather out of it for a couple of days due to all the medication but I could talk and recognized everyone and knew what was going on. I was in rehab for a month but only because I'd been in a coma for 3 weeks and I needed to regain the strength to be able to do anything. As hard as it must be, be as positive as you can, especially around your husband. If he sees you feeling confident and encouraged he will be as well. Best wishes to you and your husband and please let us know how he's doing.

I’m going to tell you something weird. And I know God brought me to your post to talk. Like your husband, I too had a hemorrhage in my left temporal lobe on August 17, 2014. It was a lot to go through cause I just turned 25. It did damage but I made it through. Then, January 14, 2015, I too had a craniotomy. I’m still very much recovering right now but it blows my mind that he had the same exact dates and things to go through. I was scared out of my mind. He can make it through and God will bless him even on the worst days. I know he sees the light at the end of the tunnel and his body can fight. It will be so nice to keep in touch with you guys if you want. I can answer anything and i hope I can help. God bless you and him :slight_smile:

Wow Tlo ,Thanks for sharing u are inspiring

TLo, wow! thank you. That is very weird! He had just turned 60, so they kept just chalking it up to a stroke. But I knew that wasn't the problem. He never had high blood pressure nor high cholesterol. He took really good care of himself and had had a physical recently. He just didn't have normal stroke symptoms when it happened.

I'm glad you are doing well. He is also. Although, it has taken it's toll. His aphasia is slightly worse as well as his memory. But he came so far after the hemorrhage, that I know he'll heal. He starts back on speech therapy next week. I think that will help a lot.

God bless you TLo. I pray you will have a speedy and complete recovery!

I’m so glad he’s having a well recovery too! Yeah the stroke thing must be automatic cause that’s what they thought mine was at first. It’s so nice to hear he was healthy prior to it. And I agree with you, the therapy will do so much for him :slight_smile: Thank you so much for writing me back, there is no way I could look past him and i’s dates, it’s too stuck on each other.

God bless the two of you and his speedy recovery!