Upcoming ONYX embolization with Apollo microcatheter

Hello AVM Survivors.

Last Monday I had yet another angiography which shown my brain AVM in right temple. Now I'm preparing for ONYX embolization planned for the next Monday. Considering that healthcare is free in my country, except instruments and glue, I was given with a shopping list for the surgery. I would need two ONYX implants and also Apollo ONYX delivery microcatheter.

Question is for people who are more or less acknowledged with what materials were used during the embolization. From what I have read Apollo Onyx is relatively new tech, it was approved by FDA in 2014.

Have anyone had embolization with Apollo Onyx delivery microcatheter and how much ONYX implants were used for your AVM size?

I know that ONYX questions were raised a lot here, but you know that feeling before the embolization drives me crazy :(


No my onyx was in 2012- it went well- my avm is DAVF and behind my ear - had a second angio in 2015 and lucked out it sealed itself.

I wish you the best of luck
I got occipital pain after my 1st angio/embolism and still have the pain

I know some people on here had bad reactions to the glue which I also had in 2012 but my avm always itches and feels like someone is pulling my hair constantly