Up coming appointment

I’m going for my one year appointment, after SDAVF surgery. I’m still on crutches, but that is good. It has not gotten worse and I have seen improvements over the year. I realized this would be a long haul and will continue to fight to get better. I am fortunate to be able to work full time from home and am very thankful to my wonderful wife and family. I’m hopeful that my MRA will be good. Thanks for letting me post here.


Hi Dave congrats on getting to your 1 year anniversary! I hope your MRI results are good. I’m really impressed with your positive attitude. It’s definitely not easy going through what we have faced. One of the hardest for me is family/ friends thinking I’m “all better” after surgery when I still have the same symptoms as prior to surgery. It’s great you can work from home too. One trick I have to help me through MRIs (unless the noise doesn’t bother you) is to pretend I’m at an avante garde heavy metal concert. Lol. Wishing you all the best results for your 1 year MRI.


Thank you so much for the well wishes. I usually sleep through the MRI. The noise really does not bother me. The positive attitude is essential for recovery and life! :grinning: Thanks again.

The best to you! I couldn’t sleep in the machine, way too loud! I’ve had 5 I think on the noggin’ and have yet to see the inside. I shut my eyes as soon as the sled starts moving and don’t open them until I’m out. Take Care, John.

I’ve never tried the rock concert idea, I’ll have to remember that one - though given the amount of coils and clips in my neck, I think my MRI days are numbered.

I made the mistake of opening my eyes once, holy claustrophobia Batman. Didn’t do that again.

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