Up coming angiogram

I go to Mayo in Jacksonville on 4th to have preops for angiogram on the 5th. I have had treatments since October of 2012. It was a little over 5 cm when it was first discovered. It is a lot smaller than when it was first discovered. Thank the Lord I have not had a rupture yet. I have had 3 embolizations and 3 radiation treatments since 2012. Will it ever go away? I have had all the treatments I can have. Other than a craniotomy. It recruited 2 new feeders one time before where the radiation missed part of it. If it has grown any new feeders, my neurosurgeon has told me that the only other option would be surgery. Wish me luck and send prayers my way that it will be gone or at least no new changes. I have a VNS implant June of 2020. I have not had a seizure since the surgery. Yeah me. :grinning:

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Shit, I wish you luck. This stuff can/is such a mother f****r

Totally wish you the best :pray:

Yay you!

Hoping for some good news for you!


Wishing the best! Great news on the VNS, so good to hear these successes. Take Care and I look forward to the next update. John


Wishing you all the best and sending prayers your way… God bless!

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Will be thinking of you tomorrow! Take Care, John.


@Melissa_Joyce have a good day today.

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I was pretty sore after mine, so be careful when you walk.

I wish you luck today, you’re in my thoughts! Take it easy.

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I had my angiogram yesterday. My doctor told me today that it as a little smaller, no new feeders, and it is stable. I don’t have to have another angio for 2 years. It may not be gone, but good news is still good news. :blush:


Great news Melissa, things are heading in the right direction slowly but surely. I have a scan result on 24th 2.5 years after gamma knife, so hoping for similar news!!
All the best


Good luck, praying for you! I also had 3 rounds of radiation done and my avm is gone now. I hope you’re able to get good news soon!

I had great news on my angio. Still there but no new feeders. Still there but not as much flow as there was. No follow-up for 2 years.


@Melissa_Joyce good news!

@Indalo good luck with your scan tomorrow! Hope it gives you just as good news!