Life, a very mysterious thing

You figure you live it and then you die

Some can do it

Some of us develop problems; why

Nobody can say there is a scientific fact

Of why this problem occurs

All we can do is live our life

Under a micrscope and be observed

They tell you to live your life

Live it as much as you can

But the bumps in the road

Can knock you down while you stand

You'd figure you'd be used to it

An MRI, CT scan one after the other

But always wondering will this be it

According to one doctor the "fatal bleed", and no possibility to recover

Life is like a poker game

You're dealt a certain hand

What you do with it is up to you

We've survived it, strong we stand

Like it - very good!!

I like it too. :slight_smile:

Ain’t that the truth!!

I like it too!