Well i went to the neuroligst and he did a catscan and said my problem was migrains i told him about my sister haveing avm and asked him to do a mri but he said that he was sure it was migrains and gave me some drugs and told me to come back in 3 weeks. So far the pills are kinda working but i still feel the pressure in my head i think i need to get a second opinion anyone have any advice.

Hi Johnny,
My advice to you is to go immediately to a radiologist or neurosurgeon (you might need a referral from that ass you have been dealing with, however). I had an AVM and I also have a DVA (developmental venous anamoly) in the back of my brain stem/cerebellum. It was “noted” on the MRI done when I had my avm treated, but no one ever told me to watch it, etc. I found it on my reports. Well, I haven’t been feeling so well lately (various symptoms) So I decided to check on that so-called normal DVA. So I went to work reading all kinds of scholarly articles about DVA’s in the posterior fossa. ALL of the articles said that almost all doctors consider them benign and do not check them out…ever. Well, I went to my doctor and said I’ve been having these symptoms and I want to check out this so-called “normal” DVA in the back of my head. There is a very small percentage of problems with DVA’s and that’s why they won’t check. And, by the way, they are slowly finding out that vascular malformations are probably inherited. And if you are having symptoms like migraines there is every reason to have your head MRI’d or CT’d because IF THERE IS SOMETHING LIKE THAT IN YOUR BRAIN THAT IS CAUSING SYMPTOMS, perhaps, it is best to check it out. NOT checking it out can have dire consequences. The odds are against it, but get it done anyway! It is also worth it so you can have some " peace of mind". BE INFORMED, BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE, YOU MUST OR NOBODY ELSE WILL.
Good luck to you! Get that MRI or CT done. I hope nothing is wrong in that respect. Also hope you find some relief from the migraines. BTW, migraines are one of the many symptoms of abnormal DVA’s. Still a long shot, but get it done! Leslie

Good afternoon Johnny. I had a CT 5 years before they found my AVM and I was told it was normal with nothing showing on it. It wasnt until I had a brain bleed that they discovered my AVM. I had gotten used to the migraines and pressure by this point. I would say if you feel the need for a second opinion then by all means do it. This is your life and peace of mind so do whatever you need too. I told my doctor for years that something was wrong and he just dismissed me like most doctors do. They think that just because we dont have a degree that we dont have any idea but we are the best ones to know about our bodies. I hope all turns out to be ok with you. I have started having my kids tested for my peace of mind.

Hi Johnny,

I would get an MRI. The AVM in my neck didn’t show up on the two cat scans that were done on me.

Take care,


Please please please get a second opinion. Even if it just shows migrains. But if you have an AVM you need to know. They tried to tell me it was not hereditary however i have found that I Have two sons with this condition. Don’t give up. Insist that they test you. I still have to get the rest of us tested.
Good Luck

Well i go back to the doctor Friday im going to tell him to get me a mri and if he cant send me to someone who will all he wants to do is put me on pills which is fine if it is migrains but i dont understand how he came to that conclusion i told him about my sisters avm and he said it was not hereditary and and with my head hurting for over a year now it would have ruptured if it was a avm but he said he would check anyway so he held a stethoscope over my eye and said he would be able to hear it. After i got home and told my sister about it i had to stop her from going to his office and hurting him. lol But we will see what happens Friday thank you all for the advice and your comments. Hope everyone else is doing well.

I had the AVM but we asked about family risk at a post-surgery follow-up. The neurosurgeon said there was no family risk when it comes to AVMs (unlike just aneurysm), but if we wanted to get it for 'peace of mind (which he didn’t recommend), to get an MRA versus an MRI ). The MRA shows the arter/vein detail versus the MRI which is the brain tissue. Since I had an AVM removed following stroke, when I had migraines post-AVM/stroke, I got the MRI/MRA at the same time. Bottom line is the family felt much bettter after getting the ‘normal’ results just to be safe. If you can’t get the neurologist to order it, the family doctor can order too. Be sure to have it done at a stroke-center level facility, since local hospitals don’t have the best neurologists doing the review. I’d definitely look into another neurologist, the advice that one would have ruptured already is moronic.

Hey Johnny,

Absolutely get a second opinion! You cannot diagnose an AVM with a CT Scan and you should definately pursue getting either an MRA (MR Angiogram) or an actual Angiogram. The Angiogram is the gold standard for detecting AVM’s but an MRA will still likely find it if it’s there and is far less invasive (No radiation with MRI/MRA and lots with Angio).

I had no idea I had an AVM until it burst and even when they did my CT after it had bled out they couldn’t tell that the cause of the bleed was an AVM until they did the Angiogram. Do what it takes to get this test done if you’re feeling uneasy about it, you cannot be too pushy when it comes to this stuff. If your doctor won’t refer you for one find another who will, it won’t be hard. As a last resort you could always go to an outpatient MRI clinic, they will have names of doctors that they work with that will have no problem writing you a requisition.

Good luck!