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Unsuccessful embolization

Good morning all,

I have an AVM in my brain that was found by chance and I luckily have no symptoms at all.
I am 50 and it was decided that I would have an embolization followed by radiotherapy.
After a lot of thought I decided to have the embolization which was last Wednesday but regrettably the procedure was unsuccessful so the next step is radiotherapy.
Again I am in a dilemma as I have no symptoms and have read about some nasty side effects from this treatment.
The risk of a bleed is low and I feel fine. Any advise would be greatly received.


GM Sarah, Congrats on your 50 yrs with your avm.:) You are right in that not all avms can be or are required to be treated. I held outuntil I was 35 and presented with new symptoms. Fortunately in those 20+ years after my diagnosis, I just lived with it,and technology improved immensely. I know of an orthopedic surgeon who lived his entire life into his late seventies or eighties, and never knew he had his brain avm until the end. Such an accomplished surgeon,and a full life he led. GK

Hi Sarah and deciding how to proceed with a procedure is certainly a difficult decision. I am not sure how many consults you have received, but going to at leaf 2-3 doctors who are experts in the field is always a good idea. Even if all of the doctors say the same thing, at least you know what to look forward to you in the future. I received many consults before choosing one of the best doctors in facial AVMs and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to speak to may doctors. It certainly makes you more educated and always remember that knowledge is power :).

Thank you Debra for you reply.
Yes, you are right, I have two consultants which have both advised that I should proceed with the Radiotherapy so I think I will attend the appointment when I get a date through and
make a list of questions I would like answers for before hand and see what they say. :)

HI Sarah49
Where is your AVM?
Why was the embolization unsuccessful?
would you mind sharing a little bit more information?

When you say unsuccessful you mean it did not achieve total obliteration?

That is expected I believe but at least you reduce the flow