Unsuccessful craniotomy for avm they are now doing gk


i had a craniotomy 3 weeks ago which was not successful due to brain swelling causing them to halt the op but the have now passed me over to sheffield for gk ,my worry is i am still healing from the op ,they did get some of it and removed some feeders has anyone had this gk soon after a op as im sure you must need some healing time my head is so sore wound not completely headed yet ?



To be honest, no idea but what I’ve read here suggests to me that gamma knife is really low impact at the point of having the zap. As long as they can fit the frame OK without it impacting the relevant bits of your skull, I’d hope it was ok.

The main thing I’ve read of is the possibility of edema (swelling) from the zap. I don’t know how soon after the swelling can occur but I’d guess you already have that issue, so I don’t know that it makes it any worse. I assume you’ll be under surveillance for any swelling already.

If anything, I’d ask about whether fitting the frame will be practical.

Well done for going through cranio! I’m sorry it hasn’t been fully effective. You have had a really difficult journey through all this!

Thinking of you,



Hi Carol,
I’m sorry to hear that they couldn’t get rid of your avm via surgery, I had gamma knife before my surgery, I’m only assuming, but I think that by the time they refer you to Sheffield your brain would of had enough time to heal. When my surgeon suggested gamma over a crani it took 3 months to be referred to Barts hospital and have an initial consultation with them before the actual procedure. On the day I had an angio and mri then had to wait an hour or so, so they could map out the treatment and dosage. The only uncomfortable part of the day was having the headframe fitted, it really is a non invasive treatment compared to the crani. Could they not refer you to the gamma knife centre at barts hospital rather then travelling to Sheffield, a bit closer to home.
Take care Amanda.