University worries

This is my latest blog post. I am so worried about going to university! I know I'll love it, but I don't know how much everything will get in the way. Just hoping that everything goes to plan with regard to my operation(s) in August and that I can get my grades to begin my course. It's going to be a long haul but with any luck, I'll make it. I'm really looking forward to the idea of being a doctor in the future, but I wonder just how plausible it actually is...

My peripheral AVM and related physical and psychological problems are definetly in the way of my studies, the largest point being waiting for treatment and the ongoing growth of the lesion. An emotional rollercoaster if you will. But I keep going on, I also do quite some extracurricular stuff it's primarily the exams that are difficult to tackle. I wish you all the best of motivation, strength and clinical success for the upcoming years.

oh and I hope you will become vascular surgeon or interventional radiologist ;-)

Am I the only one that gets a picture when they click your link????
I wish you the best of luck with your studies. I, unfortunately, had to quit school because it was just too much for me at the time. I went through a period of guilt not long ago, thinking maybe I gave up too soon. an attempt to prove that I was correct, I attempted to "self-teach" from the lessons in the books I still have (lessons I had previously gone over before my stroke), just to see if I was still easily confused, had trouble focusing or whatever. I got lost very easily, got very confused and cried. I wanted so badly to be a better adult with a career that could provide for my family but it seems the harder I try the worse my mind gets and I fall off track. At least I can take mild comfort in the fact that I didn't just give up but it still hurts to know that I won't succeed at anything any time soon.
Again, I wish you the best of luck.

I hope the link is fixed now. I don't know what happened but I just copied and pasted again so hopefully it's functioning! Kristi, success doesn't just mean schooling and education~ It's also about being a good person and doing all you can to make sure the future is as best as it can be despite your circumstances! I know the feeling of it being too much at once have had to self-teach a lot as well over the last three years. Thank you for your kind wishes and please know that you have every chance to be successful in other areas of your life!

Lakersfan86, you are too right in your description of AVM being an emotional rollercoaster! I try and keep going on too but as Kristi and you have mentioned, it's too much at times and things get difficult. I am so glad for you, though, that you have managed to keep up with extracurricular stuff! Peripheral AVM has been a monster for me as I am a pianist, violinist and flautist! Thank you, too, for your kind wishes - and yes, whatever doctor I'm gonna be, I hope to do my best for all my patients, not least my AVM patients!!

You will do just fine at the university. Take it one day at a time. You can do anything you set your mind on. Good luck.

I wish you all the best Steph. I think you will be ok. I worried a lot about my avm during university (studying dentistry) and everything turned out to be ok.

Sending you a virtual hug. I know how much apprehension you must have - everyone on here has likely experienced that same nervous feeling. It's a sure bet that you will need to build time into your schedule for resting - just lying down or sitting, no studying or reading. I teach school and take classes myself, and I learned that if I kept the demands on my brain and my body realistic, I could perform very well as a learner. Be very deliberate in your rest, and listen to what your occupational therapist (if you have one) tells you. Regarding your plans for becoming a doctor: I personally was so inspired by the wonderful care that was given to me by the nurses, aides, therapists, and doctors, that I seriously considered leaving my own profession for a medical career. I'll be interested to learn whether your upcoming experience redoubles your interest in becoming a doctor. Best wishes as you begin a very exciting time in your life.